Dave Braxton

Guitar, Vocals, Whistles

Dave Braxton is one of the original members of Albafeire and an excellent guitarist, providing the foundation for most of the band's music.  But his musical talents extend to penny whistle, low whistle, and even Irish "lilting."  He once found a four-leaf clover, and his passion for celtic music was born! 

Ava Kreider-Mueller

Fiddle, Piano, Vocals, Bodhran

Ava Kreider-Mueller is the newest member of Albafeire and began her musical career at the age of three.  Invited to the Manhattan School of Music, she brings to the stage amazing fiddling, piano, vocals, bodhran, and is now learning the penny whistle.  But she has not yet learned Irish step-dance, despite having the perfect hair for it!  

Dave Kolmer

Bagpipes, Whistles, Bodhran, Keys

Dave Kolmer started learning piano at age 5 and Highland bagpipes at age 11.  He has since branched out to Lowland pipes and Scottish smallpipes, as well as bodhran and whistles.  He has a deep love for all things Scottish, and is even learning Gaelic so he can confuse telemarketers.

Bob Lancaster

Sound Guy Extraordinaire

Bob Lancaster, an excellent musician in his own right, is Albafeire's sound engineer. With the band's members being multi-instrumentalists, the sound setup can be quite complex and keeps Bob hopping during performances, and he handles it masterfully.  Says Bob, "It's no good if you can't hear it!"